Lamb Shoulder Square Cut

Premium NZ Lamb Shoulder.  Bone in complete with shoulder cutlets and shank off.
Slow cook in the oven or the BBQ for best results.  Serve with the bone or remove for Ragu, pies or pasta dishes.
For outdoor dining, cook until a teaspoon pierces the meat and allow your diners to help themselves.

Product sold frozen.

This delicious cut is supplied by Silver Fern Farms.



Serves Per Pack: 8
Pieces Per Pack: 1
Price Per KG: $$24.95
Approximate Weight: 2kg


* Estimated Price Per Pack Including GST

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Product Code: CLSQS

The ultimate Argentinian BBQ signature lamb cut.
Slow cook and feed a crowd.  Use left overs for lamb sliders or Cottage Pie.
Product weight varies from 2 – 2.6kg
May be sold frozen.

Supplied by Silver Fern Farms


Product Code: CLSQS

Tandoori Lamb Roti Wraps

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