Free Freight For Orders Above $300. Use code FF300

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, American Express, Mastercard and Diners Club cards.


All transactions are processed in New Zealand dollars (NZD). Gourmet Direct reserves the right to change pricing without notice.


In the event that something unusual happens and we need to refund payment for part or all of your order, please contact us as soon as you become aware of an issue (if we haven’t spotted it first!) and we will investigate and process your refund WITHIN 24 HOURS or send replacement product immediately.

After 30 days have lapsed since your purchase we reserve the right to decline your refund request.

For product issues, we ask that you advise us immediately,  on receipt of your order, if you believe you have not received products ordered, you have received the wrong product (or the wrong order – it happens!), there is an issue with your invoice (perhaps an error in charging) or you are not happy with any product received.

Please don’t stress about an order issue. We want to ensure your happiness and will do everything in our power to swiftly resolve any problems you face.

Please phone 0800 737 800 to chat to our friendly Customer Service team or email


If you have taken responsibility for a rural delivery, against our advice, we will be unable to refund or replace products spoiled due to delivery delays.

Rural post carries the rural courier parcels and the drivers make only one run per day, this means the driver only has to meet a three day delivery window with ALL the freight they carry.

To avoid this occurrence, we recommend you take the advice of our experienced customer service staff and arrange delivery to an urban address.


Gourmet Direct only works with trusted suppliers with established reputations for quality in New Zealand (and often International) food market.

Gourmet Direct chilled or frozen meat products are already aged and vacuum packed for maximum flavour, texture and shelf life. Each product is produced to strict specification delivering you consistently stunning product every time.

Every order is packed by hand with recyclable packaging including reusable gel ice-packs to ensure your package travels safely with the least possible temperature fluctuation.

We deliver Nationwide within New Zealand 5 days a week, Tuesday to Saturday. We regret that owing to MPI regulations, we are unable to send meat products overseas.


We understand things change – more people coming for dinner? If you need to change your order, please call us as soon as you can on 0800 737 800 and we will do our very best to make the required changes to your order or email us at or both if its urgent!


If disaster strikes and you need to cancel your order, don’t stress. We will help if we can. We are often unable to cancel your order after 1pm on the day of dispatch in the months of January through November and especially during peak times. (Christmas, Easter. Level 3 or 4 COVID lockdowns). We will do our very best to help however things become impossible once your order is within our distribution network. Once we cancel your order, any charges made against your card will be refunded within 24 hours,

To encourage you to order more frequently, we have reduced our freight rates within the North Island to just $15.00. Your order will still receive the same great care and attention as it is handpicked and packed and shipped to you on an overnight service. South Island freight is $28.00 per order on an overnight service.

All orders over $300 in product value are eligible for a full freight discount – that means freight costs you nothing when your order exceeds $300. Use Code FF300 to remove the freight. This applies to all orders, all over New Zealand.

We need to receive your order by 1pm the day before you would like delivery between the months of January and November and outside of peak periods.(Christmas, Easter. Level 3 or 4 COVID lockdowns) You can expect your delivery from early morning and up to 6pm.  At off-peak times of the year, we can often deliver with less than 24 hours notice.  Call us to check this on 0800 737 800. We are often able to perform miracles!

While we cannot guarantee delivery overnight to your door in the country, we can help you to identify a suitable overnight delivery point in your area. We also have many rural customers who enjoy a great working relationship with their rural postie BUT if you cant tell us his or her christian name, we wont believe you! Typically this will be a local post shop or postal collection point where your order will be held for you to collect. Talk to our helpful customer service staff on 0800 737 800.

NB: We cannot compensate you for rural deliveries which go astray! If you insist on a rural delivery, we comply at the owner’s risk!

If you’re a Hawkes Bay local or you’re visiting Hawkes Bay on holiday, drop in to our Napier outlet store and stock up. Our full range of Beef, Lamb, Venison, Rose Veal, Pork, Poultry and more is there for you to view 7 days a week.

Store Address: 17 Mahia Street, Ahuriri, Napier, Hawkes Bay 4140 Ph: 0800 737 800

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday from 9am until 5pm, Saturday from 9 am until 4.30pm and Sunday from 9.30 am until 3.30 pm

We also offer free delivery across Hawkes Bay for orders over $80. Get your meat delivered.

Make sure we have your email address and we will advise you of your individual tracking number once your order has been dispatched. If we have your mobile number too, then you will receive a text on delivery of your order.

If you are at all worried about your delivery, please phone us on 0800 737 800 or call the Courier Post Track’n’trace service on 0800 268 743 and follow the instructions to speak to an operator. Have your Tracking Number handy. Remember to check your email for tracking details.

Our frozen products are snap frozen to swiftly seal in the natural properties of the meat guaranteeing your product defrosts in mint condition. Slow freezing in your domestic freezer can dry and stress meat by comparison. Our products are frozen freshly processed so as to minimize the chances of bacteria development.

Your frozen product will arrive with it’s fresh-cut Use By date displayed. This date refers to it’s CHILLED state shelf life and may be well before the date of delivery. This is normal. Once the product freezes down it takes on a new lease of shelf-life! Industry regulations mean that most NZ food products display a Use By date which refers to their pre-frozen state. (Please contact Customer Services on Freephone 0800 737 800 for further explanation)

If you are travelling with your order, why not ask us to freeze it down professionally for you at no extra cost.

Can I track and manage my GD Rewards account online?

Yes! Log into your account here to check your GD Rewards, check your member account details and update any of your personal details.


Are there any requirements to join GD Rewards?

All you need to do is fill out our online form which includes providing your full name, your email address, and, for online accounts, selecting a password. There are no other requirements to join, but in order to be eligible for a GD Rewards Birthday Gift, you’ll also need to provide your date and month of birth.

Can I join GD Rewards in the Ahuriri Store?

You can join GD Rewards right now, online here. Otherwise, you can join in store at 3  Mahia St, Ahuriri. Ask at the counter for assistance.


How do I start earning points?

Collect GD Rewards Points every time you shop. Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend using your GD Rewards account online or in our Ahuriri Store. Be sure to log in online or identify yourself to our staff to ensure your purchases are correctly assigned to your member profile, otherwise you might miss out.

Is it possible for me to lose points or tier spend?

Yes, each point expires 12 months after it was earned. Also, if you return your order after points were assigned, those points will be deducted from your points balance and tier spend.

I placed an order but I haven’t gotten points for it!

Online shoppers: Points for purchases made at Gourmet Direct will be awarded once the order is shipped.

Ahuriri Store shoppers: points for purchases made instore can take up to 24 hours to appear on your Account.

I’m having trouble earning points for my purchases. Who can I contact?

Please call us on 0800 727 800 so we can help you.


How do I redeem my points for vouchers?

It’s easy. Simply log into your online account and click Claim on any available voucher in your GD Rewards Dashboard, and then follow the instructions at checkout to complete your purchase with your reward applied. You can also claim vouchers in the cart section.

What are my redeemable points?

Your Redeemable Points are the number of points you have available to claim for vouchers. This number decreases with each reward you redeem. Points expire 12 months from when they are earned. To review your current points balance, visit your GD Rewards Dashboard after logging into your online account.

Can I transfer my points or rewards to another member?

Sorry, you cannot transfer (or sell) points or redeemed rewards to anyone else. Trying to do so will result in suspension or cancellation of your GD Rewards.

Can I use my rewards voucher in store?

Yes you can. We would love to see you in our Ahuriri store!

Can I return an order where I redeemed a rewards voucher?

Yes, if you return or cancel an order in which you redeemed a rewards voucher, you will be reissued the voucher to your account, with its original expiry. You will not receive the points back.

Are there any limitations to the number of rewards I can redeem?

You may claim as many rewards vouchers as you like, but you can only use one rewards voucher per transaction. Other benefits, such as tier benefits, may be able to be used in conjunction with rewards vouchers depending on the promotion. More information will be provided to you at the time of each promotion.


How do I earn points for my GD Rewards purchases?

To earn points you must be logged into your GD Rewards profile. If you are not logged in, then you will be unable to earn points for your purchases or for other activities. NOTE: Points will be added to your account at the time when your order is shipped.

How do I earn points for GD Rewards purchases made at the Ahuriri Store?

Please inform a staff member that you wish your purchases to count towards your points and have your membership number handy.

Can I still earn points for transactions made prior to joining the GD Rewards program?

We cannot award points for previous purchases. You must have been enrolled in the program prior to your purchase to earn points.


What benefits do members receive?

  • 10% Discount on purchases over the $1000 annual spend
  • Annual Membership Gift
  • Birthday Gift
  • Invites to Member only events
  • Priority Delivery on orders
  • 15% Discount on purchases over the $2000 annual spend
  • Annual Membership Gift
  • Birthday Gift
  • Invites to Member only events
  • Priority Delivery on orders
  • 20% Discount on purchases over the $5000 annual spend
  • Annual Membership Gift
  • Birthday Gift
  • Invites to Member only events
  • Priority Delivery on orders

How do I maintain my membership tier?

Once you reach a tier level, you will be able to enjoy the benefits for 12 months unless your spend increases and you move up a level and enjoy even more rewards and benefits! If your spend for those 12 months is less than the minimum required for that level, you will move to the tier that matches your spend at the end of 12 months.

How do I redeem my birthday reward?

On your birthday, you will receive an email to unlock exclusive access to your birthday reward (if you have not opted out of receiving loyalty communications). You can also find the reward in the Exclusive Offers section of your account, so be sure to keep your eyes open. Instructions on how to redeem each benefit will be available when you click on the reward.

How do I redeem other tier benefits?

You will receive an email when you receive access to exclusive benefits as part of your tier (if you have not opted out of receiving loyalty communications). You can also find some of these rewards in the My Available Benefits section of your GD Rewards Dashboard. Instructions on how to redeem each benefit will be available when you are notified about the reward.


GD Rewards emails

Your GD Rewards emails are an important part of being a member to the program, and are separate from the normal marketing emails. These emails notify you about crucial aspects of the program, such as when you are eligible for a reward or when you upgrade, downgrade or maintain a tier.

If you no longer wish to receive these Elite Rewards emails, we are sorry to see you miss out on important Elite Reward news, but you can click ‘unsubscribe from rewards program emails’ at the bottom of your latest Elite Rewards email, contact customer service on 0800 737 800.

Alternatively, if you are looking to unsubscribe from marketing emails, log in to your online account and select ‘no’ against the ‘Marketing Emails’ check box on the My Account page, or click ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of your latest GD marketing email and update your preferences.

How do I update or modify my account information?

You are able to update and modify your account information in the “Account Settings” section of the website. Simply log into your account and select “Account Settings” to change details including first name, last name, email and your password.

If you would like to update your saved shipping details please select “Address Book” in the “My Account” menu.

How do I delete my account?

If you would no longer like to receive the exclusive benefits which Elite Rewards offers, you can end your Elite Rewards membership by contacting a customer service representative via Live Chat or phone.

Please note that if your account is deleted your points, spend balance and tier level will be terminated and are unfortunately unable to be reinstated at a later date if you change your mind.

I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

If you are unable to remember your password simply click the “Forgot password” link beneath the sign-in button. A password reset link will be sent to your email with further instructions.

Can my GD Rewards membership change?

Yes. We may add, remove or cancel aspects of the GD Rewards benefits from time to time in order to try and deliver the best experience to our members. We may or may not notify you about this, depending on the change we make.

Is there a limit on the number of purchases or points that I am eligible for with GD rewards?

Some purchases may not be eligible to receive GD Rewards points, including purchases that we reasonably believe were for a commercial purpose or commercial in quantity. For more information, please refer to the GD Rewards Terms and Conditions.

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