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BBQ Lamb Cutlets with fresh asparagus and new spuds

  • Food
  • October 29, 2013

There’s something about getting a recipe handwritten with your meat that tells you this dish is going to be special. When we’re asked for meat advice, we’re happy to oblige! This recipe is a simple twist on lamb rack that elevates the BBQ from a snarler and drumsticks band to a full singing orchestra. Here’s what you need to know.

Pick a packet of Lamb French Racks with 2 inside from our display cabinet or find them here.


We’re going to marinate these for 24 hours, or at a push at least a couple of hours. Smash some garlic, skin on. Gather herbs, lotsa fresh mint, rosemary, parsley. Get some lemon zest ready and salt and pepper ready too.


Slice the racks into single cutlets and place in non metal bowl so there’s no bowl taint. Give it a good drizzle of olive oil.


24 hours later, your bowl full of cutlets is presenting a beautiful aroma! Time to get these on the BBQ.


Charcoal BBQ will enhance the flavours even further, gas will get the job done in a snap.


Serve with fresh asparagus and new spuds and you’re ready to go. A good bottle of Pinot goes well, as does some of Noel’s Aromatic Te Mata Sauce.


Make sure you order the fine weather in advance! This photo is taken from Bluff Hill, Napier which is about 10 minutes walk from our Gourmet Direct Ahuriri Shop.


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