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5 must have condiments for Christmas


Summer is a time where adding a little special sauce can go a long way in creating a memorable meal. Whether it’s for bringing out the best in the meat or give you options to rustle something up in a hurry, here’s our top 5 picks for summer condiments your fridge can’t live without.

1. Smoked Manuka Honey Mustard

Delicately smoked with manuka woodchips, use this delicious wholegrain mustard to accompany beef at your next barbecue.

2. Redcurrant Jelly

Handmade in New Zealand, this gluten free jelly makes for a rich and luxurious accompaniment to any meat dish.

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3. Meat Glaze 500ml

Secret weapon in the kitchen – this glaze is a must have as a basis for when making jus, sauces, and glazing meat as it cooking! The pack is resealable for easy storage. Packaged In a convenient 500ml resealable pouch.

4. Waiheke Herb Marinade 

Forget the healing properties of the fresh herbs inside this spread, it’s just delicious. Never mind that it’s gluten free and safe for vegans either. Just try it. Serve it alongside lamb and this healthy pesto of 11 traditional and wild herbs plus olive oil, apple cider vinegar, garlic and NZ sea salt will shine. It’s green and fresh and gorgeous.

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5. Mandy’s Horseradish Mustard

Famous for its hot tangy bite, Mandy’s Horseradish sauce will awaken your senses with an invigorating rush!  This is a fresh product you will need to store in your refrigerator. A perfect partner with beef and salmon, you won’t want to be without a dollop of this divine condiment once tasted. With a Ribeye Roast spread this generously and layer over the steamed spinach leaves.

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