Silver Fern Farms Honest Venison & Lamb Burgers

A sprinkle of locally-sourced kelp sea salt gives these honest venison & lamb burgers a real New Zealand flavour.

Genuinely natural and straight up delicious, these burgers are made with a light sprinkle of locally-sourced kelp sea salt
to bring out the delicious flavour of the finest cuts of New Zealand’s best grass-fed venison and lamb.

No weird bits or hidden tricks. Just honest to goodness deliciousness.  GLUTEN FREE



Serves Per Pack: 4
Pieces Per Pack: 4
Approximate Weight: 500grams


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Product Code: SFVLB

4 x 125gm burgers in each pack.

TEMP – Med/High Pan Fry or BBQ

BLOOM – 10 mins before cooking

COOK – 3-4 mins each side (OR UNTIL COOKED THROUGH)

REST – 5 mins (Covered) before serving


Product Code: SFVLB

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