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Lamb Shank Redemption – Slow Cooked Lamb


In this article I give you a Lamb Shank recipe and some slow cooked Lamb cooking tips.

The Lamb shank season has self extended owing to inclement weather and a proliferation of rugby making them a year round option. Hopefully this Lamb Shank recipe will inspire you to take the time to prepare this very popular slow cooked lamb cut. Lamb Shanks are not something I would recommend you cook on the Barbie but I bet people do. The fact is we sell more in the Winter when slow cooking comes well into fashion.  Once tossed to the dogs Lamb Shanks are now  much coveted and indeed eagerly anticipated when on offer. Largely due to the length of time it takes to complete most Lamb Shank recipes and the divine aromas created along the way, your guests will always appreciate the end result. So how to choose and then to cook?  How can this be hard I hear you say?  It’s not, but there are things to look out for along your culinary way.

Choose nice fat hindshanks with good colour.

Foreshanks and hindshanks provide the first fork in the road. Depending on your Lamb Shank recipe, it could call for either one.  Lamb foreshanks are from the fore legs (not the four legs) of the sheep. They are distinctive by their slimmer more muscly appearance. Unlike your choice of human mate these characteristics are not necessarily indicative of quality when choosing dinner. Good quality Lamb foreshanks are more than suitable for your favorite recipe but I always try to source hindshanks as a first choice. Lamb hindshanks have a lot more meat on them and look like mini lamb roasts. Each shank will weigh approx 450gms if they’re any good. Cook at least 2 at once and preferably 4. It’s going to take you the same amount of time and work to prepare 2 or 4 or 6. Just make sure you adjust the recipe to ensure your Lamb Shanks are covered during their slow cook.  You never know when you might get unexpected guests so you might as well invest in more meat and reward yourself one tired night when you can whip a home made meal out of the freezer and in record time you have a scrumptious slow cooked Lamb Shank meal on the table.

Lamb Hindshank slow cooked with Gourmet Direct Lamb Glaze

There was a time when you were obliged to buy lamb shanks frozen but now with year round lamb supply you should be able to pick them up chilled ready to cook. Not that frozen is a bad thing these days but that’s a whole other blog.

So now your mouth is watering and you want a Lamb Shank recipe. Each lamb shank added contributes to the flavor intensity of the entire dish. We very rarely sell less than two packs at a time. It’s who we are.

So how to cook ? Well it’s easy. Dredge each shank in flour and shake off the excess. Chop celery onions carrots and garlic . Fresh bay leaves if you can otherwise dried will suffice. Julia Child would have you sear the shanks then roast briefly to further toast the flour and ensure flavor and thickening success. Turn them after the first ten minutes. Then remove from the oven. Sear off the chopped veges, the quantity of which  will depend on the quantity of shanks. Now you can add 1 tsp of good tomato paste per shank. Mix with the shanks. Add the veges. Deglaze the vege pan with a good pour of balsamic vinegar. Add your favorite stock or gourmet direct beef glaze for those in the know. Add the juice to your shanks. Season with sea salt and fresh black pepper. Add enough good stock to cover the shanks. You can 50/50 with good red wine here if the budget allows. Cook slowly. I can’t speak well enough of my breville rectangular crock pot but your oven in a cast iron pot will do the same. Allow a few hours to finish til the meat is falling off the bone- longer if you dream of  shank ragout and fresh papadelle pasta.

Roll the credits.  More Lovely Lamb Shank Recipes.

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