Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steak Marble Score 8-9 (1 Steak)




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Product Code: WAGST8

100% NZ Black Origin Wagyu raised in NZ to exacting Japanese standards

Marble Score Grading 8-9

At last we are able to offer authentic Japanese Wagyu, raised right here on the pristine plains of Canterbury, near Christchurch.

Boasting a Marble Score 8-9, this steak melts in your hands and your mouth!  Rich and buttery and unbelievably easy to cook.

DO NOT try to cook this as you would your premium NZ Angus Hereford steaks.  This is a protein like no other.  Ask our experienced staff to guide you in the preparation of this culinary treat.

Sirloin Steaks have been cut and individually vac sealed to circa 2cm width (approx 500grams variant).


Supplied by Black Origin Wagyu


Product Code: WAGST8
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