Venison Shortloin

NZ farmed Venison Shortloin.  Consistent in tenderness and flavour.
High in iron and low in fat.   Forget your expensive iron supplements.
Have some of this tender Venison velvet for a treat and a healthy one at that!
This Venison comes from a group of Deer farms in NZ’s South Island.
Either cook whole and slice or portion into steaks.
Pack size approximately 700gm.
Tip: Venison loves a bit of salt and pepper – Do not forget to season.

Our recommended condiment:
Freeze Dried Oamaru Cherries hydrated in a little Port or Red Wine.

This delicious cut is supplied by Silver Fern Farms.


Serves Per Pack: 4
Pieces Per Pack: 1
Price Per KG: $$85.00
Approximate Weight: 700grams


* Estimated Price Per Pack Including GST

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Product Code: CVSH

NZ farmed Venison Shortloin. High in iron and low in fat.
Pack size approximately 700gm.

Supplied by Silver Fern Farms

Product Code: CVSH

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