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Salmon Cerviche with Avocado, Crispy Onions & Tomato Salsa Recipe

  • Preparation Time: 20 mins
  • Serves: 6
  • Difficulty: Easy

2 Chillies deseeded and finely dicedHandful fresh chopped Coriander1/4 Red Onion finely dicedFish Sauce to taste50mls Extra Virgin Olive Oil400gms Boned Gourmet Direct Fresh Salmon Fillet Slice Salmon thinly and divide into six equal portions.Mix all other ingredients together.Add Salmon 10 mins before serving. For the Avocado 3 Ripe AvocadosLimejuiceFish SauceTobasco SauceSeasoning to taste Dice the Avocado and blend with the remaining ingredients to taste.  Tip: Don’t overdo the Tobasco or Fish Sauce! Crispy Onions and Herbs 1 x whole Onion2 x Tbsp each Fresh Parsley, Mint and Corriander leavesIcing SugarSalt Slice Onion thinly into rings – pat dry with handy towelDeep fry until golden brown in a little Oil until crispySeason with Salt and Icing SugarMix in fresh Herbs Tomato Salsa 3 x Tomatoes peeled and diced1/4 Red Onion DicedBunch of Coriander leaves chopped1 Chilli deseeded and diced finelyOlive Oil to blendSeasoning to taste Combine all ingredients and season to taste To Serve 

Using an 8cm biscuit cutter guide on each plate, half fill the cutter with Avocado mixture and arrange Salmon on top.  Remove ring.  Garnish with Crispy Onions and arrange Tomato Salsa around the plate with a drizzle of Olive Oil.

Serves 6 Entrée size


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