Provenance Lamb Carvery Leg

Provenance appealed to Gourmet Direct because they exhibit true discipline when it comes to lamb.

Their lambs are grown to strict (lamb-like) specification so their cuts are smaller and sweeter.
Just the way Lamb ought to be. The carvery leg has the rump removed leaving a perfect plumb leg roast, ideal for six diners.

You really do NOT want to overcook this Lamb. It is best enjoyed pink in the middle with salt and pepper seasoning, fresh herbs and a simple lamb jus on the side.

Sizing: 1.9-2.4kg approx

Supplied by Provenance Meat.


Serves Per Pack: 6
Pieces Per Pack: 1
Price Per KG: $26.95
Approximate Weight: 1.9kg


* Estimated Price Per Pack Including GST

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Product Code: PCLCA

Sizing: 1.9-2.4kg approx

Supplied by Provenance Meat

Product Code: PCLCA

Garlic and Wine Glazed Roast Lamb with Mint, Pine Nut and Pecorino Pesto

  • Serves: 8-10
  • Difficulty: Easy