Beef Scotch on the Bone (OP Rib Tomahawks) 4 x 800gm

These are superbly marbled Scotch fillets on the bone steaks that your best knives will want to hang out with.
Your teeth will not argue as you sink them into these succulent steaks with wonderful marbling and fantastic flavour!
Scotch Fillet/Ribeye or OP Rib or Tomahawks, no matter what you call them, these steaks are perfect for the barbecue, then slicedĀ in a juicy Beef Salad.

4 x 800gm(approx.) Tomahawk Steaks (3.3-3kgs of 100% NZ Premium Scotch)
One 800-900g Steak will easily feed 2-3 people – perfect for the BBQ to impress your guests!



Serves Per Pack: 8
Pieces Per Pack: 4
Approximate Weight: 3.2kg


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Product Code: TOMAHAWKS4

4 x 800gm(approx.) Tomahawk Steaks (3-3.2kgs of 100% NZ Premium Scotch)
May come frozen or chilled / May come untrimmed or trimmed.
Minimum Weight: 3kg or we’ll re-adjust the price of the pack on your invoice to reflect the weight sent.

Product Code: TOMAHAWKS4
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Beef Steak and Onion Sausages

Artisan beef steak and caramelised onion sausages that really taste like a steak sandwich!
Try these on the barbecue this Summer or just whip up bangers and mash for the best sausage dinner ever!

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