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Turkey Breast with Pork Sausage and Cranberries

  • Preparation Time: 15 mins
  • Serves: 6
  • Cooking Time: 60 mins
  • Ready Time: 75 mins
  • Difficulty: Easy


 1.3kg Boneless Turkey Breast
1 cup Verjuice (Marinate the Turkey breast in this overnight or for a few hours)
½ cup semi dried Cranberries marinated to semi hydration in a little warmed Verjuice. (can use Port if you wish)
2 English Breakfast pork sausages squeezed out of their skins
2 Tbsp Telegraph Hill Dukkah
Little bit of butter
S & P


Preheat oven to 180 (fan) or 200 if not fan forced.
For the Trivet: (will do for two turkey breasts:
One carrot / one parsnip / 4 sticks celery chunked / thickly sliced swede / handful fresh thyme – veges can just be washed topped and tailed and chunked.
For the Gravy:
½ Cup Ormond Ruby Red label (this is an Ormonds product found in the wine department of your supermarket – though cheap it is well made and full of flavour, lower alc. Not a drinking Port)
Thick cream

Drain off the verjuice (reserving it) and pat Turkey dry. Using your fingers and a sharp paring knife, gently lift the skin off the flesh until it comes away entirely. Take care not to separate the two Turkey breasts while you're doing this. They will come apart a wee bit but don't let them part company from each other entirely! Reserve the skin for use at the end.
Place Turkey breast skin side down opened out on glad wrap on a board. Take a sharp knife and open out the thick flesh of the main breast so that its like a book. (you wanting to spread the meat as evenly as you can here.)
Place a piece of glad wrap over the entire meat surface then pound the meat with a wooden mallet to spread it out further. Pound evenly. Don't bash or you will make holes! Remove top layer of Glad wrap.
Spread the Dukkah over the surface of the meat. Then sprinkle over the rehydrated Cranberries. Then dot the surface with little blobs of sausage meat.
Now comes the messy bit – roll the turkey meat as tightly as you can using the glad wrap to help you. When its tight, take the reserved Turkey skin and wrap it around the roll to enclose it if you can. Then take kitchen string (no plastic!) and tie the Turkey roll first through the middle then immediately lengthwise. Continue to tie crosswise at 2cm intervals – more if you need to to make a neat little log. Rub the surface with butter or cream or both and apply seasoning to taste.
Take a large oven bag and place some trivet veges into the bottom. Place your Turkey roll atop the veges and then pour in the reserved verjuice marinade. Close the bag.
Roast in the oven approx 50 minutes to an hour. Turkey should reach 155°C and juices should be running clear before you can remove it from the oven to rest in a warm place for 10-15 minutes. Don't over cook. Once rested you should be able to remove the string without the roll collapsing. Make sure you remove all string. Do not be tempted to carve this straight from the oven. It will fall apart and you'll lose the plate "Wow factor" of the white flesh and pretty Cranberries as it all collides in the heat of the moment!
Put the Turkey juice which will be in the oven bag through a fine sieve and discard the trivet veges. Return the jus to your pan or a pot and add the Ruby. You might want to temper the Ruby quantity by adding ¼ cup first then tasting to see if the jus can handle more. Reduce this mixture over high heat by about a third. Do not burn. Reduce the heat. Taste. Add a little more Ruby if you think it's warranted. You might want to add some thickener here but I don't. Add in as much cream as you believe is warranted. I add about 2 Tbsp but much will depend on the quality of your trivet Jus and your personal tastes.


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