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Tandoori Pork Fillet with Cucumber Salad

  • Cooking Method: Roasting
  • Difficulty: easy

2 x Havoc Farm pork fillets
100grams Pataks Tandoori Paste
100grams unsweetened yoghurt
10grams fresh mint
4x telegraph cucumbers
225ml water
200gram sugar
18gram salt
150ml rice vinegar

Pork Fillet:
1. Preheat BBQ, for best results you can also use a pan and finish in oven at 180 degrees.
2. Mix together the tandoori paste and yoghurt
3. Finely chop mint and add to mixture
4. Remove any silver skin from the pork fillet, this will help reduce any shrinkage
5. Place pork fillet into tandoori mixture and marinade in fridge for up to 5 hours
6. Once marinated, remove pork from marinade and place onto hot BBQ
7. Turn after three to five minutes depending on filter size, the meat should be firm to touch and cooked through
8. Remove and let rest
9. Slice and serve with a side of the cucumber pickle salad

Cucumber Pickle Salad:
1. Heat water, sugar, rice vinegar, and salt in a pot until a simmer then turn off
2. Lightly peel the skin off the cucumbers and discard
3. Peel the rest of the cucumber into thin strips until you reach the seeds (discard the seeds)
4. Once liquid is cool add cucumber and refrigerate until needed



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