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Beef Wellington Recipe

  • Preparation Time: 30 mins
  • Serves: 6
  • Cooking Time: 50 mins
  • Ready Time: 80 mins
  • Difficulty: Easy
2 Egg yolks
1. Pre-heat the oven to 200C
2. Heat some oil in a large pan and quickly fry the seasoned beef all over until it’s brown. Remove and allow to cool
3. Roll out the pastry quite thinly to a size which will cover your beef.  Spread the mushrooms evenly in the centre of the pastry
4.  Place the beef fillet on top of the mushrooms
5. *TIP* Place pieces of white bread on top of of the fillet (this will become the bottom) – this is to soak up the juices from the fillet when cooking and keep the pastry nice and flaky
6. Roll up the pastry over the fillet
7. Whisk together two egg yolks and brush over the pastry join
8. Trim any excess pastry off the ends and fold neatly to enclose the beef.
9. Place on baking tray with the bread side down
10. *BONUS* Trim left over pastry into thin strips, brush egg wash over fillet, weave strips in to a pattern and brush with egg wash a final time
11. Place into a pre heated 200°C oven for 35 – 40 minutes
12. Remove from oven and rest for 10 – 15 minutes
13. Carve and enjoy!


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