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Beef Eye Fillet and Pancetta for 30

  • Preparation Time: 30 mins
  • Serves: 30
  • Cooking Time: 70 mins
  • Ready Time: 100 mins
  • Cooking Method: Roasting
  • Difficulty: easy

3 x large Beef Tenderloin Eye Fillets (top quality)
2 x packets Delbos Pancetta
3 x large cloves fresh Garlic cut in half
Loads fresh black pepper
NZ Flaky Sea Salt
Fresh Rosemary Sprigs

The day before…
Remove the Fillets from their packaging and slice the tails off them (this is the tapered bit at the end of the fillet) Alternatively you can tuck the tails under the centre cut of the beef. Either way you want to achieve a consistent width along the whole beef fillet so that it all cooks at the same time.

Lay some glad wrap out to house each fillet – you want enough to wrap the fillets round about three time tightly like a pressure bandage.
Season the fillets generously on one side then crush half a clove of garlic on the same side. Lay that side on the glad wrap. Repeat for the other side of each tenderloin then wrap each fillet in Pancetta. You don’t need to cover the whole fillet. Five or six slices of Pancetta around each will suffice.
Sprinkle some fresh Rosemary or Thyme across each fillet.
Wrap tightly (and individually) in glad wrap taking care not to catch the bacon in the wrap. Imagine a pressure bandage and try to get as even a roll of beef as you can. Secure the ends of the wrap like a Christmas cracker – twist them.

Refrigerate the rolls until you are ready to roast them.

Preheat the oven to 225˚C. Line a baking dish with foil then baking paper leaving enough foil to tent the meat after roasting.

Remove the beef rolls from the fridge half an hour before cooking time.

Using a sharp knife or scissors cut the plastic carefully away from the beef and remove leaving the bacon etc in tact.

Lay the three fillets alongside each other and roast for 40 minutes for rare. 10 minutes more for medium. Remove from the oven, tent with the foil and allow to rest in a warm place outside of the oven for 30 minutes.

Slice the beef thinly and arrange on platters to serve. Drain any excess juices into a saucepan and use these to make your jus.

Serve with Bearnaise Sauce.


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