Goose Whole Bone In




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Pieces Per Pack: 1
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Approximate Weight: 3.5kg


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Whole farmed  free range NZ Goose. These birds are raised from chicks by our friends at Croziers Free Range. They are free range and farmed on lush grassy paddocks just like sheep.  Size may vary from 3kg – 3.8kg. Ready to roast for Christmas with a twist.  Traditionally, Goose roasted and presented for Christmas dinner was a sign of affluence.  Are you feeling affluent?

These Geese are not confined or force-fed and so grow naturally out on NZ pasture on a diet supplemented by grain.  Birds require more basting and slower cooking than a heavily grain-fed European or English Goose. Cooking instructions come with the bird.

Customer Feedback:

“We enjoyed the goose at Christmas, it made a very tasty change from our previous venison and turkey.” – David

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Product Code: FGDG

Roast Goose With Honey and Pecan Nut Glaze

  • Serves: 4
  • Difficulty: Easy