Silver Fern Farms Honest Lamb Burgers

A pinch of wild Kawakawa gives these honest lamb burgers a real New Zealand flavour.
Genuinely natural and straight up delicious, these burgers made with a pinch of
wild Kawakawa that adds a fresh pepper flavour and herbaceous taste to the finest
cuts of New Zealand’s best grass-fed lamb.

No weird bits or hidden tricks. Just honest to goodness deliciousness.  GLUTEN FREE.



Serves Per Pack: 4
Pieces Per Pack: 4
Approximate Weight: 500grams


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Product Code: SFLKB

4 x 125gm burgers in each pack.

TEMP – Med/High Pan Fry or BBQ

BLOOM – 10 mins before cooking

COOK – 3-4 mins each side (OR UNTIL COOKED THROUGH)

REST – 5 mins (Covered) before serving


Product Code: SFLKB

Lamb and KawaKawa Herb Burgers with Lemon Feta

  • Serves: 4
  • Difficulty: Easy


Balsamic Mint Splash

Remember the Mint Sauce your mother and grandmother used to make using Mint, white sugar and brown vinegar?
This Balsamic Mint Splash is the modern ancestor of that old family favourite.
Moved up a notch with the addition of delicious Balsamic reduction, this drizzle is NZ Lamb’s new best friend and a must with your family Sunday roast, any day of the week.


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