Rose Veal Dice Packs 4 for $40!

Now an incredible $40 on the juicy, tender veal.  Strictly while stocks last.
This Rose Veal Dice is the perfect product to make a delicious winter pie.
Generously cut into meaty bite size pieces, this product also lends itself to tasty slow cooks.
Each pack is approximately 400gm, vacuum packed.¬† You’ll receive four packs in total.
That’s 1.6kg of exquisite Veal, enough for 4 monstrous and delicious pies.



Serves Per Pack: 12
Approximate Weight: 1.6kg


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Product Code: RVDI40

Strictly while stocks last.
Each pack is approximately 400gm, vacuum packed.
Four packs in total.


Product Code: RVDI40

Tendron de Veau Lemon Confit

  • Serves: 6
  • Difficulty: Easy