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BBQ Havoc Farm Scotch fillet with potato, spring onion and shrimp salad

  • Cooking Method: Braising
  • Difficulty: Easy

1.5kg Havoc Farm Pork Scotch Fillet

3 x large peeled potatoes
1 x spring onion
1 x small red onion
30 grams Dill mayonnaise
100 grams cooked shrimp
One stick of rosemary
Olive oil

1. Preheat BBQ for best results, you can also use a pan
2. Cut potatoes into 1cm dice and cook in lightly salted water until just soft
3. Remove from heat and rinse under cold water until cooled
4. Dice red onion and place into a bowl with diced cooked potato
5. Finely slice spring onion into rounds and add to the mixture
6. Place shrimp into a towel and squeeze out excess water, add shrimp to the potato mixture
7. Fold in the best foods mayonnaise and season with salt and pepper
8. Cut scotch fillet into 2cm steaks and season with salt and pepper
9. Drip rosemary into oil and brush the steaks
10. Place onto hot BBQ and keep using rosemary stick to oil through cooking
11. Remove once cooked and let rest
12. Serve with a side of the potato shrimp salad

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