Balsamic Olives 300gm

Balsamic Olives handmade in Hawke’s Bay at Telegraph Hill Olivery.
Olives naturally processed for real flavour and marinated in Balsamic vinegar.
These Olives can be enjoyed on their own added to sauces, meat dishes (try Chicken Marbella) or on a tasting platter.
When you’re done eating the Olives, don’t waste the delicious Balsamic juice left behind.
Add it to your favourite meat dish or drizzle over salad or fresh vegetables in season.


Approximate Weight: 300grams


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Product Code: THBALOL

Balsamic Olives handmade in Hawkes Bay at Telegraph Hill Olivery. 
Processed for real flavour and marinated in Balsamic vinegar. 

Product Code: THBALOL
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