Silver Fern Farms Honest Beef Burgers

Silver Fern Farms new premium range of Honest Burgers are made with 97% red meat and the real flavours of New Zealand.
No weird bits or hidden tricks. Just honest to goodness deliciousness.

With a touch of Horopito Pepper, New Zealand’s very own native hot bush pepper, this burger has some zesty spice to enhance the delicious flavour of New Zealand grass-fed beef.




Serves Per Pack: 4
Pieces Per Pack: 4
Approximate Weight: 500grams


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Product Code: SFBHB

4 x 125gm burgers in each pack.

TEMP – Med/High Pan Fry or BBQ

BLOOM – 10 mins before cooking

COOK – 3-4 mins each side (OR UNTIL COOKED THROUGH)

REST – 5 mins (Covered) before serving

Each 500g burger box contains two thermoformed packs, which can be refrigerated for up to 35 days. Each pack contains two generously portioned 125g burgers, so if you can resist the temptation to open both packs, you can easily pop the other in the fridge or freezer to enjoy at a later date.


Product Code: SFBHB

Beef & Horopito Pepper Burger with Beetroot Relish

  • Serves: 4
  • Difficulty: Easy


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