Silver Fern Farms Honest Beef and Lamb Burgers

A dusting of Mānuka smoked salt gives these honest beef & lamb burgers a real New Zealand flavour.
Genuinely natural and straight up delicious, these burgers are made with a dusting of locally-sourced
Mānuka smoked salt that adds wonderfully smoky undertones while highlighting the full flavour of the
finest cuts of New Zealand’s best grass-fed beef and lamb.

No weird bits or hidden tricks. Just honest to goodness deliciousness.  GLUTEN FREE



Serves Per Pack: 4
Pieces Per Pack: 4
Approximate Weight: 500grams


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Product Code: SFBLB

4 x 125gm burgers in each pack.

TEMP – Med/High Pan Fry or BBQ

BLOOM – 10 mins before cooking

COOK – 3-4 mins each side (OR UNTIL COOKED THROUGH)

REST – 5 mins (Covered) before serving


Product Code: SFBLB

Beef & Lamb Burgers with Gherkin Relish & Swiss Cheese

  • Serves: 4
  • Difficulty: Easy


Garden Herb Wholegrain Mustard

Our new product!
You’ll absolutely love this refreshing mustard with kick everyone loves.
Wholegrain with Garden Herbs.
Perfect with your Christmas Ham. Gluten Free
Large size: 300gm


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