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Our Easter Egg Hunt is Underway!


We are super excited to launch our 2018 Easter Egg Hunt with $250 worth of product vouchers up for grabs when you solve the puzzle and heaps of Spot Prizes to boot.

Here’s what you do:

Hunt all over the Gourmet Direct site to find 10 coloured Easter Eggs hiding (not very well) in ten product images.  Each Eggs contains 4 or 5 characters that you will need to solve the puzzle.  Clue: There are more than 10 words in the sentence you are trying to create!

You’ll have to click to find them – it’s not going to be easy but it will be fun!

The Easter Eggs will look like this –

Damn!  I just gave you your first piece of the puzzle!

And here’s the fine print:

Terms and conditions.

Grand prize: $250

Must locate all 10 eggs and un-jumble the letters and create the erect sentence to win prize.

The Winner will be the First person to correctly message us the correct sentence.  Please check your work – it would be easy to get this wrong by guessing – it must use all the letter and the question mark provided.  (Doh!  There’s another clue!)

Duration: Easter egg hunt will run until a winner is named or till the 31st March, whichever comes first.

Spot prizes will be awarded (randomly) during the course of the Easter Egg Hunt so keep hunting.  You might be rewarded!

Spot prizes include $20 Gourmet Direct vouchers, Cooler bags, OP Ribs, Cookies, etc.

Must find all 10 eggs and message us the 43 letters found on all 10 eggs.

All prize winners are at the discretion of Gourmet Direct.

All Decisions are final.


Good Luck Hunters!  Let us know via Facebook how you are getting on.


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